April 10, 2022

ana de armas, hollywood authentic, cover story, greg williams, greg williams photography

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ana de armas, hollywood authentic, cover story, greg williams, greg williams photography

This shot from my archive was taken on a rainy day in Los Angeles. I went to Ana de Armas’ house to take some pictures and then she drove me around LA, taught me some salsa dancing (in the middle of the street), and we went over to Pinks for a hotdog. 

This image sums up everything I try and achieve in a picture – possibly better than any other I have taken. Ana is so unselfconscious. Her cheeks are puffed-out with the hot dog and there’s a mischievous smirk and a tilt to her head that is effortless.

leica, leica q2, hollywood authentic, greg williams, greg williams photography

I like this one in colour. When I first took it, I imagined it as a black and white (my go-to), but then I saw the red and white of the Coca-Cola bottle echoed in the pillars in the background and realised it had to be colour.

It’s easy to think that the ideal portrait is one where the pose is conventionally beautiful, cosmetically perfect. This picture really illustrates how that isn’t always necessary. You see far greater inner beauty when you witness someone just being themselves. 

Words by Greg Williams

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